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March 29, 2013
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Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS
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Aug 28, 2012, 5:05:35 PM
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1/35 Trumpeter Stryker NBC Contents by enc86 1/35 Trumpeter Stryker NBC Contents by enc86
Here is the kit contents of a 1/35 Trumpeter Stryker NBC RV and my in-box review. I have wanted to make a Stryker for awhile now and there are tons of different kits and variants to choose from(i found one that has box showing it fight a huge mech monster [link] lol). I decided to get the NBC(nuclear biological chemical) variant because it kind of has a sci fi feel to it. Anyways this one comes in a pretty decent sized box and features some really cool art work. Plus I really got to hand it to trumpeter, they packed this kit right. Everything was wrapped up very nice(some runners even have wrap over individual pieces and sections!) nothing was sliding around or broken upon delivery.

Kit Contents:
Sturdy Box
Set of detailed instructions
Insert/diroagram of key features and details
Color painting /decal insert
2 runners of clear parts and painting masks for them
2 sheets of very nice "photo etched "parts
8 rubber tires
Fully molded upper and lower hull
10 runners of parts (insert tells me over 570 parts total)

In Box Review:
As with the other newer trumpeter kits this one is pretty impressive when all laid out. I got mine for about $ and I really feel like I got my money's worth! The kit is modeled with some really nice crisp details and little to no flash. The hulls have a nice fit (all be it kind of finicky) and this kit looks to have some incredible details when finished.
There seem to be a few cons with this kit tho. My first complaints are the extra details. This kit doesn't have any kind of interior detail and doesn't come with any figurines, but I can live with that. My last and biggest complaint is the CRAZY instructions. They are all over the place and have tons of parts and sub assembly's per step.
Plus while this will not be an issue for me(i never build in the "right order") the instructions are very very off when it comes to how you should put this one together, with it telling you join the hull hafts as one of the very last steps after all the tiny details are applied.

Anyways this kit looks pretty fantastic and fun. This one is very complicated and complex so ill be spending more time with it. I will have to be carefully about planning and paint seeing how there is just sooooo much crap going on this one. As for paint, i am still not sure. i have a ton of gray(of course! XD) but i am actually leaning towards a medium green to almost match the box. Think in green it will look at home in my Vermont mud. i am gonna get some coffee and start in on this beast, might do some WIP's as i progress.
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Arnolf Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This looks quite complicated !
I do not know Trumpeter very well, are their models good ?
this one is very complex and the most detailed model have have built yet. very fun and challenging.

i like Trumpeter alot, some people cant stand them. think some of its personal preference but their newer kits rival the best around IMO. they have some great details and some interesting subjects in their line-up. plus alot of the time they are less expensive.
Arnolf Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thnak for the info !
I 'll have an eye on their product !
Have fun !!
you are welcome!

i will!
Phoenix2683 Mar 29, 2013  Student General Artist
this one has got me pretty excited! sooo much stuff to do.
Phoenix2683 Mar 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I see.
It should be a great kit, i looked over this one when it came in to where im working and thought hmmm its a maybe kit. I look foward to the progress on this one.

Also sorry i havent posted any update photo's of my M1070 will try and do some this weekend :)
i have started building and so far its pretty awesome. very detailed and complex, really worth the cash IMO. the directions are pretty insane and have a really dumb order on how to do things but i think ill manage. i would recommended this one but it's not for beginners. all in all it looks like trumpeter did a fine job on this one.

cool dude i look forward to seeing your progress!
yes the instructions in any kit are truly only a guide, many a time i have to change things because of the painting or using of photo etch.
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