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July 19, 2013
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Dec 19, 2012, 2:43:46 PM
Abrams Redux by enc86 Abrams Redux by enc86
Living in the wasteland can be harsh. Pesky towns not "sharing" gas, do-gooders always picking on you, giant mutated critters the size of busses and a general lack of respect towards you and your friends. if this sounds familiar, than the Abrams Redux is for you. upgraded from a M1A2, the redux has all the old world beauty and firepower but upgraded with the latest in salvaged raider tec. featuring a 120 mm barrel with rail gun attachment, coaxial machine gun, loaders .50, dual .50 commanders turret and back mounted .50 for any tailgaters. The redux features the latest in defensive technology as well, smoke launchers, infrared targeting, raider tec guidance/ radio jammer dome and on board NBC detection suite. Additional wasteland survival armor has been added for encounters with the ones that are dumb enough to fight back.When out in the wasteland and you must kill every last motherclucker, accept no substitutes, get a redux today!

This is my kitbashed Abrams tank, built up in post apocalyptic style. Built from a 1/35 Tamiya "operation Iraqi freedom" Abrams, bit bin details, scratch built details and custom raider figurine. Hand painted with enamels and weathered with art acrylics and pastels. This project was super fun and a good excuse to be shamelessly un-realistic.
I had built the original Abrams kit about a year ago and really was never happy with it. I had messed up a ton of things and I had always considered it a failure. So it sat on a high shelf for a year collecting dust, mocking me.
After all the time and work i put in on my PBR model, I it thought it would be good to work on something a bit more relaxing and a lot less time consuming. Over the last few weeks i have seen some really awesome Abrams models/art and figured it would be fun to tear apart mine and make something I would be happy with. I gave myself a one week time limit and went to work. All in all this was really too much fun and i am happy with how it came out. a few things here and there could of been better but I wanted to stick to my one week limit (kind of like speed paint I guess, see what i could get done on a deadline) anyways hopefully soon ill find a good spot outdoors and take some shots of it with my screaming hawk.
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Aah, I'm sorry but my warhammer 40k orks might loot some ideas from this in the future D:
Looks so good!
Double-barreled Abrams...Too great to not love :)
man i had to do something with this build, lol when in doubt, strap anther barrel to it XD
This is awesome, your detail is fantastic!
Thanks! detail is something that i have slowly been getting better at. love kitbashes like this cause there is really no rules to what you can add XD
This thing is beyond awesome, the weathering and the scratch detailing is fantastic.
thanks a ton, love doing projects like this, sure it will not be my last.
savagehenry89 Dec 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Love the Mad Max post apocalyptic look.
thanks, i love doing models in this style.
Aketzalidunkel Nov 17, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
What a patience! Awesome.
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