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April 19, 2012
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Sep 20, 2011, 3:00:02 PM
Israeli Merkava I by enc86 Israeli Merkava I by enc86
my finished 1/35 israeli merkava. to get it outta the way, this is not painted in any official or realistic colors scheme. i painted it to go into an upcoming untitled did however come out much darker than intended,but hopefully it will fit right in when the dio is done.i picked this one out on looks alone, for some reason this tank looks futuristic to me.while not my best work, i am still happy with the out come. it was a ton of fun to build and paint, and i learned a few new things along the way!

1/35 Tamiya Israeli Merkava: this was a good kit, but it is an older one. both the top and bottom hull don't really have that many details, and there really wasn't many runners. but the turret had a ton of great details. nice,clean,fun build. it was painted in German uniform gray,with flat sea blue,and gunship gray for accents. most of the metal is jet exhaust. added an acrylic filter and weather(over weathered) with pastels.stock decals. over all i give the kit an 8.5 for a great turret,but not many parts and lack of hull detail.

Figurine: stock figurine with swapped arms, not wicked happy with him,but hes not glued in so he might get replaced. or he might just get a full beard. the maps were made at home with regular copy paper.

extra details: i use some packs and what not from a tamiya 1/35 modern accessory pack, few other random packs,hand gun are from a pmc figurine pack. the map was made form regular copy paper. and what i am most happy about are the added guitar string antennas. thanks go out to friend Geosammy [link] for the tips!

hope you enjoy it , and keep an eye out for the finished diorama
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The Color is a bit dark, Makes it look like a Covert Night ops Vehicle,
I like the Positioning Of the Turret. The Detail is Fantastic. The figure sticking out of the turret ads realism, and Depth making it a fairly good Focal point. I see the brush strokes on the hull give it a great weathered look. Unfortunately the glare makes it a bit bard to see the Color Differences, Except for the blue spot in front of the gunner, The Shovel and links on turret, are fine detail, and the substrate makes it look Urban (Great Choice), Overall a Fabulous work of art, the glare is Really the only Issue I See
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Mini-Dezzo Apr 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
I built a 1/35 Dragon Merkava years back and the ball bearings at the rear of the turret were a PITA to put together.

I intend to revisit the Merkava (II and III) one day as the kits now are a lot better.

I like the overall colour scheme but also feel that some extreme sooting around the exhausts and finer work on the tank commander would further improve the model to showcase quality. [link]
ahhh cool! lol i have seen a few intense Merkava kits. bet it was real FUN.

cool, i plan on doing the same. this was my third tank and is the old 70's Tamiya release. good model and great price but lacks alot of detail the modern kits have. i plan on getting a IV with maybe some extra photo etched. i really like the Merkava series and would like to do it right with my improved skills.

thanks! i totally agree. i leaned alot on this build but looking back on it alot could of been done. ahhhhh the commander, he was one of my first figurines and was of low quality, one of those default ones that come with every 70's Tamiya. lol anyways thats how i lean, and i was still really happy with this one when i made it.
I bet about the turret it is and Mk.I or Mk.II because Mk.III had difirent turret and the newest Mk.IV had new turret too
yea i think its a mk.1 from what i can tell. i want to do a mk.4 at some point as well, love the turret on that tank.
I bet that is Mk. I or Mk.II because that two tanks had same turret only changed gun, aiming systems and engine
yea and its a pretty old kit, from the early 70's i think
yep and the prototype of Merkava was the rebuilt to parameters of Merkava british Chieftain :)
ahhh cool! thanks for the info.
no problem I had the Model of Mk.III from Newspaper so I know the how look its turret in newspaper are all Merkava from Mk.I to Mk.IV so I know which tank is which;)
Geosammy Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding a link to my page, although it really wasn't necessary. Nice work! love what you did with the kit.
I would have liked to see the 50cal. mounted on top of the main gun. Oh well we can't have it all.
Great build.
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